San Luis Valley Museum Erupts With Music

If you stopped by the SLV Museum this July 13 morning for a cup of coffee and lively conversation with local veterans, your ears have been tickled by music. The Valley Courier covered the scene in the following article.

‘Company of Friends’ fills museum with music

By: Ruth Heide

“Company of Friends” took time on Thursday morning July 13, to provide entertainment at the San Luis Valley Museum in downtown Alamosa where veterans meet for coffee and fellowship each week. Veterans and other visitors to the museum enjoyed the entertainment, which ranged from “Bury Me at Walmart” to “Amazing Grace” performed vocally and instrumentally, with a variety of musical instruments. From left are John Betz, Mary Carhartt, Tandi Bolt, Karen Ballentine, Galen Ballentine, Harvey Smalley, Ernie New, Sarah Grimes and Carol Smead.

Original article posted in the Valley Courier, 7/20/2017


Free Coffee Every Thursday 8:30-11:00 at the SLV Museum 401 Hunt Ave, Alamosa (next to the American Legion)

Join us for coffee!

Veterans understand veterans and deserve a place to relax and visit with each other.


Hosted by Women Veterans of the SLV and the SLV Museum.

Supported by donations from the SLV Community

To donate, call (719) 849-5512 or come to Coffee Break next Thursday.

San Luis Valley Thanks You!

Veterans Coalition Visits Not Forgotten Outreach

“I can’t stop wars and there will always be soldiers, but I can do this little bit,” declared Kym Sanchez, founder and president of Not Forgotten Outreach (NFO) as she gazed out at 10,000 garlic plants growing tall.

This garlic and other produce finds its way onto Taos community tables such as the Farmhouse Café school lunch and garden program, which provides school children with approximately 300-500 pounds of fresh vegetables a week in 2016.

Sanchez was “NCIOC” of Casualty Assistants for the Army, a daunting task without the added heartbreak of finding her beloved husband incoming for body preparation to be returned home. Sanchez has never fully recovered from this experience and wanted to provide a respite and healing place for veterans and their families to come, feel safe, feel celebrated and to get involved in the healing aspects of farming and nature.

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Therapeutic Farm Programs at Not Forgotten Outreach Inc – Taos, NM

The San Luis Valley Veterans Fields Program and their partners will be visiting this amazing farm on June 2, 2017 to learn how Don and Kym were able to achieve such tremendous successes.  That important knowledge will then be brought back into the Valley and shared with our community.  This will assist us tremendously as we implement our own veteran farmer pilot projects locally.

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