Veteran Fields

Veteran Fields of the SLV is a new program to support veterans seeking work in farming and ranching. The work can be for healing and for transitional training to a new career. The Veteran Fields project leaders are very excited to announce funding for the veteran to farmers project from the Colorado Health Foundation. The current first phase is to build the foundation of training, field experience, and community support for Veteran Fields.

The Colorado Health Foundation is a statewide funder with a mission to improve the health of Coloradans. The Foundation offers a Special Projects Program, designed to address community-identified needs.

The San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition (SLVLFC), Veterans Coalition, and Women Veterans were recently funded through this program for a veteran-led project to create the Veteran Fields. They have come together with Conejos County Clean Water, the Food Bank Network of the San Luis Valley and Adams State University Community Partnerships to create opportunities for veterans of all eras and all services to give a different but still invaluable service – to join the farmers that produce the food for the nation.

Special pilot projects will be designed to build community partnerships, arrange horticultural therapies, and assemble resources for start-up, hands-on, classroom, workshop, and on-line education in business and ecologically sustainable agriculture. The SLVLFC’s Rio Grande Farm Park Farmer Incubation Program, the Conejos County Clean Water’s Valleybound Garden as well as the value-added agricultural opportunity for entrepreneurs in the SLVLFC’s Valley Roots Food Hub’s licensed commercial kitchen will be available for selected veteran pilot projects. The Veteran Fields program will be operational in 2018.

Veterans and Farmers who are interested in this exciting new initiative can join up free with Veteran Fields.

Our membership is currently free and is for the following individuals.

  • Veteran seeking mentorship in Agriculture
  • Veteran seeking career in Agriculture
  • Farmer seeking Veterans for mentorship
  • Farmer seeking Veterans for employment
  • Veteran seeking funds for Farm startup
  • Veteran seeking garden space to grow his/her crops

What you receive with this free membership

  • Bulletins on the latest works with Veteran Farming
  • Information on Agriculture, homestead and permaculture workshops free or reduced price for Veterans
  • Agriculture careers and mentorship opportunities for Veterans
  • Lists of available Veterans willing to work and learn for Farmers
  • Grant and tax relief opportunity updates for Veteran and Farmers sent via bulletin
  • Updates on available community farm plots where Veterans can grow their crops
  • Networking opportunities with other Veteran farmers
  • Much more to come!